Gold’s Gym Near The Villas At Town Center Community

If you live at the Villas and like to exercise, Gold’s Gym is near The Villas At Town Center, right across the street. Of course, Villa residents can always choose the Madisons and Villa community gym, but if they want something more they can join Gold’s. It’s easy walking distance and it’s nice residents have a choice of working out in the community fitness center or Gold’s, without having to drive a car to get to their workouts.

Gold’s Gym is very well known and has more equipment than the community gym. Having Golds Gym nearby is a nice perk, but if you’re working out hard your tired muscles won’t know the difference. What’s important is keeping your exercise workouts consistent, and that’s why it’s important to be able to access your favorite gym quickly and easily.

Thankfully, convenience is what the Villas are all about! The upscale condo units in The Villas At Town Center are likely the most conveniently situated of all the condo complexes in Valencia and Santa Clarita. The fact there is a popular gym so near represents just one example of how easy your life might be if choosing to buy a Villa unit in Valencia. Schedule a tour of the Villas today!

I’m a resident here in the Villas complex and I’m also a member of Gold’s Gym. Sometimes I run over to Gold’s for my weightlifting and then run back to our community fitness center to take care of my cardio workout. Since the walk is on the way back to my condo it’s makes it more convenient than ever to keep my workouts consistent.

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if you’re interested in selling or buying a condominium in The Villas At Town Center, call me today. Since I’m an active local realtor and a resident, I have all the inside information to help you choose the perfect unit and complete your purchase transaction. Once we’re done buying your unit, we’ll head over to Gold’s Gym near the Villas and get in our workout!

Easy Living in The Villas at Town Center

If you’re searching for that elusive convenient lifestyle, and want to live in style, have a look at The Villas at Town Center. These condos are perhaps the most sought after luxury living condominiums in the entire Santa Clarita Valley, and a number of units are currently for sale! When talking about easy living, it just doesn’t get any easier than this!

Walk Everywhere from The Villas At Town Center.Located here in the heart of Valencia, some residents are even able to live the New York City lifestyle, with no car! This no car lifestyle is almost unheard of in most of greater Los Angeles, but if living in The Villas of Town Center, it really is possible!

My name is Matt Gregory and as a resident here at the Villas, I can go for weeks without needing to drive a car anywhere! Since I’m also a local Realtor, I must travel short distances to show homes, but if not for that I could easily go for extended periods without driving my car! One of my neighbors works right across the street in one of the office buildings, so he walks across the street to get to work. We both shop for our groceries across the street at Pavilions. We exercise at the community gym here at the Villas, or we can choose from two other privately operated nearby gyms. We have our choice of dozens of great restaurants, from fast food to the most popular Sushi, and everything in between. As if our HD TV sets aren’t enough, we have multiple movie theaters right at our fingertips or we can take advantage of our own private movie theater. Since the Westfield Town Center Mall is across the street, we really have everything we need without driving anywhere!

This Guys Out of Luck if he want's a quick meal

No way for a quick lunch from here!

Convenience of Location
The old real estate adage of location, location, location, perfectly applies to the Villas. The Villas at Town Center are perfectly located and developed for the convenience of it’s residents. Though we have many nice condominium complexes throughout Valencia and Santa Clarita Valley, the convenience at the Villas really can’t be beat. Built around 2003, the units are contemporary, beautifully designed and nicely appointed. If searching to buy a condo home, be sure to schedule a visit and have a look for yourself. 661-347-6955